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Welcome to Outsider Artshop!

*Afterschool classes and adult classes are closed for the summer.  Thank you!*

 We offer sewing and art classes for all ages and handmade art by local San Francisco artists.

Please check BOOK CLASSES tab to sign up for the below offerings


Upcoming Camp Days; Kid's ages 7-12 from 9am-3pm

Single Day Camps are $150 for 6 hours

Full Week Camps are $600 for 5 days of 6 hours

Extended care available for $20/hr until 4 or 5 via venmo

Oct 9th - Indigenous People's Day

Nov 10th - Veteran's Day

Nov 20-22nd or 20-24th - Thanksgiving Camp

December 26th-29th - Holiday Week 1

January 1st - 5th - Holiday Week 2

January 15th - Martin Luther King Day

February 9th - Lunar New Year


After School Kids Classes ages 7-12, all materials included! 

Afterschool class costs comes to $40/hr 

Afterschool Classes: 4 pack = 2 hour classes; one day a week for 4 weeks available Monday-Friday

Weekend kids classes: 4 hour mini camp Saturday or Sunday - cost comes to $35/hr

check schedule for available weekend mini camps

Kids class projects range based on experience and skill level.  I get to know the kids and we can start with looking at pictures to figure out together what household item or stuffie they want to create, then kids with some experience can move on to some clothing items or larger more complicated projects.

Kids above ages 12 are always welcome at Outsider Artshop.  I just typically don't advertise classes in that age group since I have more interest for younger kids.  Please email me to set up a class, or birthday party



Current class offerings for Adults:

2-4 students per a class, 2-3 hours per a class

All materials included in the price, no experience needed

Personalized Applique Pillow Case

Crossbody Sling Zipper Sling Bag

Drawstring Yoga Mat Bag with Pocket

Bucket Hat

Modern Short Kimono

book 4 spots at once for a discount on adult classes

Private lessons are also available in 2 hour appointments

*NEW* if you are proficient at sewing but don't have equipment, you can rent workspace for 2 hours at a flat rate of $40.  


Sewing and Craft Party Pricing at Outsider Artshop!

Have your child's next birthday party with us!

email to discuss party booking

All materials included and costs also include setup and cleanup


Tier 1

4-6 kids 

$30/hr for 2 hours 

$28/hr per a child for 3 hours

Break down to:

4 kids 2 hours $240 or 3 hours $336

5 kids 2 hours $300 or 3 hours $420

6 kids 2 hours $360 or 3 hours $504


Tier 2

7-10 kids

$27/hr per a child for 2 hours 

$25/hr per a child for 3 hours 

Breaks down to:

7 kids 2 hours $378 or 3 hours $525

8 kids 2 hours $432 or 3 hours $600

9 kids 2 hours $486 or 3 hours $675

10 kids 2 hours $540 or 3 hours $750

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